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නුඹව මට ලෝකයක් | Nubawa Mata Lokayak With Lyrics | Atha Thiyala Diuranna 5 | හැරයාම ශාපයක්

Duration: 04:06. Views: 1000+

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Nubawa Mata Lokayak Shan Diyagamage New Sinhala Song|aluth Sindu

Duration: 04:36. Views: 2000+

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Nubawa Mata Lokayak(නුබ මට ලොකයක්) Shan Diyagamage Official Audio 2019

Duration: 04:11. Views: 446

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Nubawa Mata Lokayak Romantic Dj Mix Dj Hasaral

Duration: 03:38. Views: 698

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Nubawa Mata Lokayak(නුඹව මට ලෝකයක්)shan Diyagamage | Music Video 2019 | New Sinhala Songs

Duration: 04:58. Views: 3000+

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Nubawa Mata Lokayak ( අත තියලා දිව්රන්න 5 ) Shan Diyagamage | 2019 New Song | Sinhala Song |

Duration: 04:38. Views: 922

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Nubawa Mata Lokayak (අත තියලා දිව්රන්න 05) Shan Diyagamage New Music Video 2019 | Aluth Video

Duration: 04:14. Views: 444

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Nubawa Mata Lokayak (atha Thiyala Diuranna 5) Shan Diyagamage New Sinhala Song | Aluth Sindu

Duration: 00:15. Views: 2000+

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Nubawa Mata Lokayak (atha Tiyala Diuranna 5) Shan Diyagamage New Music Video Song 2019 (trailer)

Duration: 00:15. Views: 925

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Nubawa Mata Lokayak 6 8 Baila Remix Dj Sanjuka

Duration: 03:43. Views: 792

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Nubawa Mata Shanika Sumanasekara From

Duration: 03:15. Views: 1000+

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Adare Mata Kiyala 2014 New Song

Duration: 03:49. Views: 12000+

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